Caring for your Màzo Candle

Caring for your Màzo Candle

The natural ingredients in your Màzo Candle will behave naturally. Paraffin wax, dyes and additives can cover up these 'imperfections', but it's the natural wax and essential oil blends that bring these wonderful variations in colour and texture that make every Màzo candle as unique as the moments we take. 

Your Màzo candle will relax with you. Cool wax will naturally shrink very slightly and may pull away from the glass. However, as your Màzo candle burns, the wax will warm, relax and expand again.

Each blend of essential oils brings out a different tone in the creamy natural wax colour of your Màzo candle.

The surface of your Màzo candle may not always remain smooth and might texture or frost a little as the blend of essential oils and natural waxes are warmed and released.

Best Practice

To ensure the character of your Màzo candle can develop naturally, we recommend displaying your candle at room temperature, avoiding more extreme temperatures.

  • Important -  Allow your Màzo Candle to burn for 4 hours the first time of use. This will allow the natural wax to melt evenly and ensure you get to enjoy every last moment.
  • We recommend you do not burn your Màzo candle for longer than 4 hours each time, allowing the wax blend to cool and harden before relighting.
  • To keep your candle looking its best and to enjoy the cold throw of your Màzo candle when unlit, keep the burn pool free of debris and dust.
  • Don’t let your candle burn all the way down to the base. Ensure 1cm of wax remains in the glass to avoid damage and glass breaking. You can of course still enjoy the cold throw.
  • Space candles apart while lit to prevent uneven burning.
  • Always burn candles on a surface that is heatproof.
  • When burning your Màzo candle, avoid areas with drafts, vents and ceiling fans to ensure an even burn.
  • Keep your Màzo candle out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.
  • Display your Màzo candle in a cool dry place.


    Wick Care

    • Before each use, ensure the wick is upright and (if needed) trim the wick to 4-5mm in length.
    • Always trim the mushroom or little ball off the top of the wick.
    • A long wick can create black smoke, wick mushrooming and shorten the life of your candle.


    Candle Care

    • Should you find that wax is heating unevenly, wait until it cools down and then adjust the wick back to the centre of the candle or towards the area requiring more heat.
    • Wicks can naturally ‘mushroom’, so it is important to always remove the mushroom before and during burning if burning for prolonged periods.
    • Any black sooting at the rim of the glass could be a sign that the wick is too long and preventing a clean burn. Wipe the glass with a damp cloth and ensure. 

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