Chaparral Candles

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There is something so energising yet calming about a silent moment stood in the cool damp air amidst towering trees. Pearls of moisture rest upon your skin and a freshness mists through your mind. Chaparral, named after this precious moment in nature, is a blend of sweet Guava, tropical Frangipani, Eucalyptus and the woody notes of Juniper Needle. Close your eyes, breathe slowly and let your mind escape to a cool rainforest.

Each candle has a slow, clean burn with no residue or sooty smokiness.

Candles that are designed to be beautiful both inside and out.

100% Natural Wax and Essential Oils
Hand poured in the UK

Available in these sizes:

  • 2 Wick, 220g (around 40 hours burn time)
  • 4 Wick, 1kg (around 100 hours burn time)
  • 5 Wick, 2kg (around 120 hours burn time)

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Size: 2 Wick